Project Management Office (PMO)

Businesses are continuously undertaking new initiatives to streamline their operations, expand their offerings, enter new markets and rise above the competition.

Whether it’s implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, switching to another Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, moving to a new warehouse, testing the price of a new product, or launching a series of new marketing campaigns, these necessary initiatives or projects require commitment, diligence and follow-through.

At ECS Consultants LLC, our focus is exclusively on Small- to Mid-Sized Private Entities (SMEs) and our observations from over a decade of working with SMEs like you has been that:

  • There is an immense commitment to business growth from top leadership at SMEs but are hard-strapped for manpower to commit beyond current responsibilities
  • With a wide foray of possible projects that can be undertaken, objective and data-oriented decision to prioritize projects can be difficult
  • Specialty skills are available as needed but the experience of managing an array of projects is uncommon

As a result, these critical projects that should serve as strategic and operational game-changers end up taking longer and costlier than they should. And the transition from project to business-as-usual becomes stressful and overwhelming instead of exciting and forward-looking.

It is imperative then for SMEs to ensure that the right projects are executed at the right time by the right people in the right way.

To serve you better, we provide the following services:

Virtual & Fractional Project Management & Analysis Services: With one-time or on-going projects, SMEs require dedicated project managers and business analysts to document crystal clear requirements and shepherd team members to drive projects to completion on-time and on-budget. But these project managers and business analysts may only be required part-time, and their commitments may vary over time. Our experienced team can provide these resources on-demand to augment your needs so that you can achieve your desired targets.

Project Management Audit & Roadmap: As you grow and the number of projects you implement increases, it becomes imperative to invest in the development of your own in-house project management function. We can conduct an audit of your existing processes, people and systems, and develop a custom-fit roadmap and plan that you can use to build this new capability from scratch.

Can your organization assure stakeholders, management, investors, creditors and clients that IT systems and data are adequately protected, controlled, and processed? Is your service organization transparent and able to demonstrate that your internal controls are reliable, accurate, and fairly presented? These are concerns for your business and service organization, which will benefit from a Service Organization Controls (SOC) or Cybersecurity audit.

ECS Consultants LLC is a leading regional Boutique Advisory and Consulting firm that specializes in performing Cybersecurity audits for businesses and SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 for service organizations. Call us at 732-322-3434 now or contact Mike Hassanali directly at to learn more about our full menu of advisory services.

Benefits of SOC and Cybersecurity Audits

  • Cybersecurity and SOC audits can assure adequate controls are in place regarding financial reporting, data security, confidentiality, availability, privacy, or processing integrity.
  • Potential customers may be unwilling to consider vendors that cannot demonstrate they meet SOC or Cyber Security standards.
  • SOC reports from your organization may be necessary or preferred by your clients to comply with various audit or regulatory requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), Dodd-Frank, or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements.
  • Owners, directors, management, customers and various third parties might request a Cybersecurity Audit to ensure IT security is understood, documented and monitored.

Types of Audits

ECS Consultants LLC specializes in performing Cybersecurity, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 audits for businesses and service organizations. We will help your organization determine its specific reporting needs as well as plan and perform an appropriate audit.

Cybersecurity Audits

Cybersecurity has become a prevalent issue facing most organizations—one that companies recognize as an enterprise-wide issue requiring thoughtful attention. Investments in controls are necessary to protect organizations from increasingly sophisticated and widely available attack methods. Intentional attacks, breaches and incidents can have damaging consequences. A Cybersecurity risk management program report helps your stakeholders and customers know that your IT systems and controls are reliable and operating effectively.

SOC 1 Audits

SOC 1 is a report on the assessment of internal controls over financial reporting and is used in the audit of your clients’ financial statements. SOC 1 reports are specifically designed for auditors of a user entity’s financial statements, management of the user entities, and management of the service organization. SOC 1 is a report on controls at a Service Organization Relevant to User Entities’ Internal Control over Financial Reporting (SSAE 16). It also provides credibility to your customer so they can trust the quality of your services and makes your organization transparent about any control matters.

SOC 2 Audits

SOC 2 is a report on controls at a service organization relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, or privacy. SOC 2 guidance will apply in an audit of a service organization’s system that relates to non-financial statement processes and controls. A SOC 2 report helps your clients satisfy their vendor management, business continuity, or regulatory requirements. It also offers the transparency that will allow your customers to put confidence in the quality of your services and controls.

SOC 3 Audits

SOC3 is a report designed for users who need assurance about the controls at a service organization that affect the security, availability, and processing integrity of the systems used to process users’ information and the confidentiality of that information. This is a good option for those who don’t have the need for or the knowledge necessary to make effective use of a SOC 2 Report.

Sarbanes Oxley Project Services

ECS Consultants LLC specializes in providing resources at various levels to assist management in the Sarbanes Oxley implementation projects from carrying out the risk assessment, scoping to documentation and testing of the controls, as well as assist management in preparing a remediation plan for the identified Gaps to prepare for the annual 404 attestation of management’s certification by the auditors.

Our consultants have solid experience working with companies to help manage compliance and we will also assist you to identify the best solution for your Company that you’ll not only achieve on-time compliance with this government-mandated act, but also be able to derive far-reaching business benefits from our robust solution offering. Our consultant will be helping clients understand Section 404 and assist to document of the internal controls and test the controls’ operational effectiveness cost effectively.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act 404 Compliance Solution

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 Section 404 (“Act”) represents a major change to the regulatory environment. Objectives of Sarbanes-Oxley include strengthening Independence, Integrity, Accountability, Oversight, Corporate Governance and Transparency while providing greatly enhanced penalties as deterrence.The Act imposes new responsibilities on all corporate participants in financial reporting process and Section 404 implication on management includes:

  • Sole responsibility of the management to be in compliance with Section 404
  • Management has until the effective date to remediate any material weaknesses, after which they will have to be reported in the filing. The US Securities and Exchange Commission final rule pursuant to Section 404 of the Sarbanes Oxley Act sets the effective date for compliance as June 15, 2004 for US companies, with equity of $75million or more and April 15, 2005 for Foreign Private Issuers and US small businesses.
  • Sufficient documentation of internal controls is necessary to support management’s assertions in their annual report and will also be evidence to enable the Company’s auditors to perform its attestation.


Co-sourced Internal Audit

Many companies have gone on “crash diets,” using outsourcing to shed non-core tasks such as internal audit to outside vendors. In the process they’ve lost day-to-day control over a department to a professional service firm and often gained new problems. Proposed solutions from outside consultants—strangers to the organization—don’t always work. As a result, quality, profitability and employee morale can suffer.

Co-sourcing is another way to get a company into shape, trimming costs while maximizing internal audit capabilities and still retaining control.

Since our focus is with Small to Mid-Sized entities (SME’s) only, ECS Consultants LLC is well suited to perform co-sourced audit projects based on the needs of our clients.  In house auditors retain responsibility for the internal audit process, which, in turn, allows us to be called on to provide specialized technical skills and personnel. Our team provides support to companies that don’t have the capacity to perform all its internal audit tasks.

Our internal audit co-sourcing solutions enable SME organizations to determine how to best fit not only their project needs, but also their budgets. Carrying underutilized Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) in terms of salary and benefits for an entire year can be very costly, not only for an Internal Audit Department but for an organization as whole.

Few Common Procedures to Select a Co-Sourced Firm

It is important that the executives and accounting team take into consideration the following factors before they decide to co-source a particular project activity:

Dynamic contract arrangements
The agreement between ECS Consultants LLC and the service provider need to be flexible enough to accommodate the evolving needs of our team. For example, if sample size has to be increased after initial field work, the agreement should be flexible that the provider can meet those needs. Or, there could be a case that ECS Consultants LLC has to delay the fieldwork to meet an emergency, and there should be provisions that ECS Consultants LLC does not get charged for ideal time. 

Selection of consultants / auditors
Just because the co-sourcing provider is a big name in its chosen field, it does not mean that the individuals they assign to serve your organization are the best. Executives should ensure that the auditors assigned to them are of a certain caliber and possess adequate technical knowledge to meet the demands of audit. This is the most important aspect in the co-sourcing model. When the consultant has started on an assignment and if any doubts arise as to their technical expertise, a replacement will cost more time and may affect the quality of the output. It is better to get the consultant screened before the commencement of assignment.

Quality Assurance
ECS Consultants LLC needs to check the quality of the work delivered by service providers so that they meet their internal guidelines. Work by a big firm does not necessarily assume that documentation of  issues analysis are in the correct format; filed the work papers in the appropriate location; prompt follow up on the action plans.. This issue is generally picked up by a subsequent auditor who is unable to find the document in the correct place or when certain issues are not cross-referenced appropriately.

Best practices
ECS Consultants LLC has to ensure co-sourced provider brings more to the table by way of industry best practices, emerging themes, views from the regulators etc. This will enhance the in house audit team’s knowledge and will provide continuity to the audit once the co-sourced audit is completed.

An inefficient accounting system can cost you money. Duplicating payments, overlooking billing errors, and over paying taxes are just some of the ways that inefficiency in your accounting can cost your business. Problems with accounts receivable aspects, such as delaying the sending of invoices or neglecting overdue accounts, can also take a bite out of your profits. If you have concerns about the efficiency or effectiveness of the accounting operations of your business, then consider hiring ECS Consultants LLC to conduct an accounting audit for your organization.

By discovering how your accounting system is costing you money, you can work on solving the problems, which will increase your profits. Not only will an audit find your accounting errors, but it will also find out why errors were made. For example, if over payments are being made, an audit can discover the reasons for it. It may be that your software needs an adjustment, or it could be an error in the practice of your accountants. If you are losing money in many ways, such as over payments, duplicate payments or accrual errors, then an audit will detect the number and scope of the errors. Every error that costs you money reduces your profit margin, and understanding the reasons behind the errors is crucial to preventing the same kind in the future. Whatever the accounting problem may be, an accounting audit is the first step towards solving it.

Business Growth
If your business has grown, it is likely that your accounting system may not be growing with it. More business means more complexities, and complexities lead to errors. An audit of your accounting practices can determine if there is a need for additional employees in your accounting department, or if your current employees need additional training to manage new responsibilities. While good accounting software is a great start, your employees are just as important. Especially with the changes each year in tax laws and regulations, it is important that your accountants are up to date at all times on all of the tax changes that affect your bottom line. A Forensic audit can reveal errors that have occurred in deductions that are costing you money.

A complete analysis of your accounting system by a professional and experienced auditor can not only find and recover errors, but it will help you devise new financial strategies. The percentage of the recovered money paid to the auditor will be made back many times over by finding and solving problems in your accounting system. Even errors of a few cents can add up over time, and audits often find errors considerably larger being made all of the time.

Business owners know there’s a lot to consider beyond just day-to-day operations. You’re under constant pressure to make all kinds of decisions with financial and tax implications. The choices you make can affect your future, but you don’t always have the information or advice you need. Our firm understands your situation and can help. We provide the reassurance, convenience and accessibility of a locally based team.

When you need a trusted adviser, our professionals are ready with personalized service for a reasonable fee. We’ll work with you to develop a tailored approach based on your individual business goals and market dynamics. We’ll help you with business structure, tax planning, financial analysis, strategic planning, and tax and financial statements.

  • Performance of all Accounting Functions including monthly write-ups and Bank Reconciliations using our Proprietary Remote Assistance Methodologies.
  • Account reconciliations (cash, sub-ledger)
  • Cash flow management and projections
  • Inter-company accounting and reconciliations
  • Accruals and reserves
  • Journal entries
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Assist in documentation of Accounting processes, procedures and operations manuals
  • Job costing and inventory tracking
  • Reporting and oversight of month-end closings
  • Third party accounting software selection and implementation

Outsourcing CFO and Accounting services to dedicated firms is a trend becoming increasingly popular among businesses. Usually because these CFO firms help businesses look at the bigger picture, their only skill isn’t financial recording and management.

A CFO ensures that the system and processes being practiced in your organization are up to date and are able to produce efficient financial data; so consequently, the owner can make better decisions. CFO services goals and objectives are parallel to the business’s goals, ensuring proper growth and expansion while keeping the daily cash flow in order.

Finding the right CFO Service has gradually become difficult, primarily because there are so many of them. You need to be sure that the CFO Service you are going for is highly relevant and effective for your business.

At ECS Consultants LLC, our focus is only on Small to Mid-Sized Private Entities (SME’s). Hence, we bring to your Organization the following quality services:

Financial Reporting and Operational Accounting Services
Business owners, CEO’s, and managers require accurate and timely financial statements and cash Flow Metrics in order to understand their company’s financial performance and liquidity position. ECS Consultants LLC provides assistance in all aspects of the finance function from accounting transaction processing, process improvements, financial reporting preparation, and Executive management reporting. In addition, we assist organizations that have a “peaking” issue due to a company’s strategic initiatives or special projects.

External Audit Preparation
ECS Consultants LLC assists clients in preparing for and facilitating the external audit process. Our teams are armed with practical audit engagement experience enabling them to deliver high quality audit deliverables while navigating efficiently through the challenges of an audit. Proper preparations ensure that a company’s accounting staff is not bogged down by the rigors of audit inquiries and minimize the disruption to the ‘day to day’ accounting function.

Transaction Advisory Services
Mergers and acquisitions are among the most challenging and risky of business activities. We partner with our clients to streamline buy and sell-side services for mergers and acquisitions, reducing the challenges and risks associated with these complex transactions through proven due diligence, post-closing balance sheet settlement, carve out financials, and on-going integration services.

Accounting Policy Research and Implementation
Regulation requirements are increasing and CFOs/ Controllers have an increasingly personal stake in regulatory adherence. Enterprise Control Solutions (“ECS”) assists clients with accounting policy research in all areas of US GAAP. We have assisted Clients in various industries with accounting issues around consolidation), derivatives, business combinations, impairment,, revenue recognition, bad debt and loan loss methodologies, foreign currency accounting and others. We can provide outsourced accounting policy support for an organization as well as “one-off” accounting guidance.

Other specialized CFO and accounting services include:

  • Accounting standards review, recommendations & implementation
  • Accounting issues research and resolution
  • Startup Enterprises consultation on accounting set up procedures, controls and Tax Guidance
  • Data Forecast, Projection and analysis
  • Internal controls development and implementation, including IT controls
  • External audit preparation and documentation
  • Forensic accounting projects
  • Financial statement preparation; including KPI’s
  • Business plan support
  • Cash flow planning and development
  • Support for new systems implementations

ECS Consultants LLC facilitates alignment of internal audit resources to stakeholder expectations and delivery of an enterprise wide risk approach. Risk profile and control maturity of an organization determines the appropriate Internal Audit focus.

ECS Consultants LLC considers all the elements to determine the value driven internal audit services to determine with the Client’s management, the focus, organization, resources and working practices for successful Internal audit functions.

We understand the importance of developing internal controls improvements so that they take into account the context of each client’s specific operations and concerns to ensure an organization’s controls are efficient as well as effective. We understand internal control is a scarce resource, which needs to be applied in order to avoid over as well as under control of each risk you face.

ECS Consultants LLC proposed internal audit solution combines:

  • Industry Expertise
  • Subject matter experts in operational and compliance areas
  • Global resources that match up your needs

After understanding client’s business, internal controls and risk spectrum, we conduct  objective diagnostic tests and analytical reviews before making audit decisions. Our consultants have performed many Internal Audit assignments to review client’s internal controls and their operational and financial processes in numerous business sectors.

ECS Consultants LLC has helped organizations like yours benefit from a risk-based strategy by helping them transform their internal audit function from a traditional, transaction-based role into one that can deliver strategic business information. Our consultants have specific experience across a wide range of industries and extensive internal auditing knowledge to assist the management in developing a number of proprietary models of internal audit solution, which we can be used by our clients to help identify critical areas of risk for almost any type of business. After our consultants address the most critical areas, we will also perform a more focused, strategically driven risk assessment to identify other potential risk areas.

ECS Consultants LLC’s  internal audit solution not only identifies risks more efficiently, the proper recommendations can be implemented more quickly. The results of our internal audit solution can be seen in the benefits to your internal audit process and beyond.

High performance internal audit dept demands broad perspective and capabilities and are no longer limited to hazard avoidance and compliance. Internal audit departments are required to demonstrate a command of risk management, business process improvement and knowledge more characteristic of a consultant than of a classic internal auditor.

ECS Consultants LLC can support your existing Internal Audit department by providing project-based advisory services, by co-sourcing with your Internal Audit team, or by fully outsourcing an Internal Audit solution. Our broad range of Flexible Internal Audit Solutions and Services add value through the Internal Audit process as an integrator of all ECS Consultants LLC’s internal audit services.

At ECS Consultants LLC, we are convinced that you can avoid the pitfalls and miscues associated with internal audit by combining a strategic framework with tactical execution to provide the foundation for an effective internal audit function. ECS Consultants LLC provides not only provide efficient and timely services, but personalized guidance necessary to assure your business a sound financial future. ECS recognizes that clients expect more than just a tradition internal audit services. Our process uses knowledge and wisdom to provide value-added suggestions to our clients that will help them achieve financial and operational success.

ECS Consultants LLC is addressing client needs for a modern internal audit function that systematically manages opportunities and risk, and strives to continuously improve processes, and enable reliable performance and consistent compliance. We provide:

  • Internal Audit Co-sourcing and Out-sourcing
  • Establishment of Internal Audit Function
  • Business Process Improvements and Best Practice Reviews
  • Operational Audits
  • Vendor Audits
  • International Audits by Resources Versed in Local Customs and Languages
  • Financial Analysis and Financial Audits
  • Fraud Investigations

Technology is at the center of the modern workplace. As businesses have become increasingly reliant on technology, IT auditing has become a necessity for ensuring an organization is aware of potential risks and can maximize their technology investments. New risks and continuous technology changes and innovations further emphasize the need to conduct routine and ongoing IT audits. Periodic audits detail current IT security, governance, and risk issues. IT audits also provide recommendations for changes and updates to practices and system controls.

Enterprise Control Solutions (ECS) Certified Information System Auditors (CISAs) will help your organization assess security and availability risks, technological challenges, and opportunities by conducting a risk and controls analysis of your company’s IT systems. With our assistance, your organization will clearly see how to make practical improvements to reduce IT systems risk. Contact us now at 732-322-3434 to learn more or to discuss your IT auditing and compliance needs.

Our comprehensive IT audit services include:

  • IT risk assessment
  • Review of IT policies and procedures
  • IT controls pre-implementation review
  • Design and implementation of relevant IT controls to mitigate risks including general and application controls
  • Assessment of the design and operating effectiveness of IT controls
  • IT audit outsourcing and co-sourcing
  • Cybersecurity Risk Management Program Audits

Our detailed IT analysis includes:

  • Infrastructure – The physical structures, IT, and other hardware including facilities, computers, equipment, mobile devices, and telecommunications networks.
  • Software – The application programs and IT systems software that supports application programs like operating systems, middleware, and utilities.
  • People – The personnel involved in the governance, operation, and use of a system such as developers, operators, entity users, vendor personnel, and managers.
  • Procedures – The automated and manual infrastructure, system, and application procedures.
    Data – Transaction streams, files, databases, tables, and output used or processed by the system.low and document management.

Jason Mandelbaum, Managing DirectorJayden Star

Posted on 13Dec

We were referred to ECS Consultants LLC by our bank to assist with managing our growth, as well as our external and internal
controls. We initially partnered with them for their CFO services, but have expanded our relationship to include
accounting services and accounting systems integration. They are extremely responsive to our needs and provide
accurate review and financial statement preparation. Since we started using ECS Consultants LLC services, we have improved
efficiency in our financial outlook by at least 50%. Their ability to put together meaningful data in a limited amount of time has been tremendous. I now receive monthly and quarterly reports that allow me to make immediate decisions. This took a big effort to compile prior to working with ECS Consultants LLC.

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