Jason Mandelbaum, Managing Director
Jayden Star

Jason Mandelbaum, Managing DirectorJayden Star

Posted on 13Dec

We were referred to ECS Consultants LLC by our bank to assist with managing our growth, as well as our external and internal
controls. We initially partnered with them for their CFO services, but have expanded our relationship to include
accounting services and accounting systems integration. They are extremely responsive to our needs and provide
accurate review and financial statement preparation. Since we started using ECS Consultants LLC services, we have improved
efficiency in our financial outlook by at least 50%. Their ability to put together meaningful data in a limited amount of time has been tremendous. I now receive monthly and quarterly reports that allow me to make immediate decisions. This took a big effort to compile prior to working with ECS Consultants LLC.

CEO, Greenfield Pharmacy

Posted on 12Nov

I hired ECS Consultants LLC to manage our Accounting so that I could focus on growing and running my pharmaceutical business. I did not want to be distracted by accounting functions. I have been impressed by the team’s attention to detail and service. On a monthly basis, they email me requests of necessary financial documents and then email me reminders if they have not received the documents. They keep my financials current and have reduced my accounting costs significantly. Now I can concentrate on my business, which is where my time should be spent.

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