Internal Audit

Internal Audit

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ECS Consultants LLC facilitates alignment of internal audit resources to stakeholder expectations and delivery of an enterprise wide risk approach. Risk profile and control maturity of an organization determines the appropriate Internal Audit focus.

ECS Consultants LLC considers all the elements to determine the value driven internal audit services to determine with the Client’s management, the focus, organization, resources and working practices for successful Internal audit functions.

We understand the importance of developing internal controls improvements so that they take into account the context of each client’s specific operations and concerns to ensure an organization’s controls are efficient as well as effective. We understand internal control is a scarce resource, which needs to be applied in order to avoid over as well as under control of each risk you face.

ECS Consultants LLC proposed internal audit solution combines:

  • Industry Expertise
  • Subject matter experts in operational and compliance areas
  • Global resources that match up your needs

After understanding client’s business, internal controls and risk spectrum, we conduct  objective diagnostic tests and analytical reviews before making audit decisions. Our consultants have performed many Internal Audit assignments to review client’s internal controls and their operational and financial processes in numerous business sectors.

ECS Consultants LLC has helped organizations like yours benefit from a risk-based strategy by helping them transform their internal audit function from a traditional, transaction-based role into one that can deliver strategic business information. Our consultants have specific experience across a wide range of industries and extensive internal auditing knowledge to assist the management in developing a number of proprietary models of internal audit solution, which we can be used by our clients to help identify critical areas of risk for almost any type of business. After our consultants address the most critical areas, we will also perform a more focused, strategically driven risk assessment to identify other potential risk areas.

ECS Consultants LLC’s  internal audit solution not only identifies risks more efficiently, the proper recommendations can be implemented more quickly. The results of our internal audit solution can be seen in the benefits to your internal audit process and beyond.

High performance internal audit dept demands broad perspective and capabilities and are no longer limited to hazard avoidance and compliance. Internal audit departments are required to demonstrate a command of risk management, business process improvement and knowledge more characteristic of a consultant than of a classic internal auditor.

ECS Consultants LLC can support your existing Internal Audit department by providing project-based advisory services, by co-sourcing with your Internal Audit team, or by fully outsourcing an Internal Audit solution. Our broad range of Flexible Internal Audit Solutions and Services add value through the Internal Audit process as an integrator of all ECS Consultants LLC’s internal audit services.

At ECS Consultants LLC, we are convinced that you can avoid the pitfalls and miscues associated with internal audit by combining a strategic framework with tactical execution to provide the foundation for an effective internal audit function. ECS Consultants LLC provides not only provide efficient and timely services, but personalized guidance necessary to assure your business a sound financial future. ECS recognizes that clients expect more than just a tradition internal audit services. Our process uses knowledge and wisdom to provide value-added suggestions to our clients that will help them achieve financial and operational success.

ECS Consultants LLC is addressing client needs for a modern internal audit function that systematically manages opportunities and risk, and strives to continuously improve processes, and enable reliable performance and consistent compliance. We provide:

  • Internal Audit Co-sourcing and Out-sourcing
  • Establishment of Internal Audit Function
  • Business Process Improvements and Best Practice Reviews
  • Operational Audits
  • Vendor Audits
  • International Audits by Resources Versed in Local Customs and Languages
  • Financial Analysis and Financial Audits
  • Fraud Investigations

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