Project Management Office (PMO)

Project Management Office (PMO)

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Businesses are continuously undertaking new initiatives to streamline their operations, expand their offerings, enter new markets and rise above the competition.

Whether it’s implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, switching to another Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, moving to a new warehouse, testing the price of a new product, or launching a series of new marketing campaigns, these necessary initiatives or projects require commitment, diligence and follow-through.

At ECS Consultants LLC, our focus is exclusively on Small- to Mid-Sized Private Entities (SMEs) and our observations from over a decade of working with SMEs like you has been that:

  • There is an immense commitment to business growth from top leadership at SMEs but are hard-strapped for manpower to commit beyond current responsibilities
  • With a wide foray of possible projects that can be undertaken, objective and data-oriented decision to prioritize projects can be difficult
  • Specialty skills are available as needed but the experience of managing an array of projects is uncommon

As a result, these critical projects that should serve as strategic and operational game-changers end up taking longer and costlier than they should. And the transition from project to business-as-usual becomes stressful and overwhelming instead of exciting and forward-looking.

It is imperative then for SMEs to ensure that the right projects are executed at the right time by the right people in the right way.

To serve you better, we provide the following services:

Virtual & Fractional Project Management & Analysis Services: With one-time or on-going projects, SMEs require dedicated project managers and business analysts to document crystal clear requirements and shepherd team members to drive projects to completion on-time and on-budget. But these project managers and business analysts may only be required part-time, and their commitments may vary over time. Our experienced team can provide these resources on-demand to augment your needs so that you can achieve your desired targets.

Project Management Audit & Roadmap: As you grow and the number of projects you implement increases, it becomes imperative to invest in the development of your own in-house project management function. We can conduct an audit of your existing processes, people and systems, and develop a custom-fit roadmap and plan that you can use to build this new capability from scratch.

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